They Are Thinking It; You Might as Well Hear It

Some clients dread performance assessments or even hearing criticism from bosses or colleagues. “I do the best I can and all I hear about is how this is wrong or that is wrong.”

As Jack Canfield writes in The Success Principles, “they are thinking it; you might as well hear it.”

Whether you are on your own or in the employ of a company, you need to hear feedback.

Granted, the way some people give feedback is terrible. Sometimes, the feedback is more about them than about you. However, there may be a kernel that is pertinent. That morsel of information may give you a clue about an incremental improvement that may yield great results.

I am not saying to yelp around “hey, hey, how am I doing today?” However, occasionally talking informally is a great way to get feedback to make those slight modifications. Making modifications during the year is easier than getting surprised at mid-year or end of the year reviews. People also react to “how much you have grown.”

Some may say “hey it’s tough enough without listing my faults.” Hey, it’s tougher when people act out. Their thoughts will filter through their actions towards and responses to you. You will not have a clue and end up in a position of wondering how the heck do I prove myself or should I leave the company.

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