“Seeking new employment is a big challenge – I couldn’t imagine doing it without Alice Harron! She knows what hiring managers are looking for and how to best present your skills. She delves into your experience and achievements to align them with today’s employment market. The job hunting process is an emotional and professional minefield; Alice provides a calm path forward.”

Maribeth Bushey
(successfully transitioned across tech sectors)
San Francisco, CA

“Alice helped me out so much. She not only organized everything (work, my resume, etc.) but also really talked to me about life in general and how to direct it (by reminding me to stay focused).   I am making more money, continuing to expand my professional network, and pursuing my long-term goals. “

Carrie K.
San Francisco, CA

“For me, working with Alice was one of the most notable turning points in my unemployment. When we started meeting together she really helped me understand what the purpose and reasonable outcomes I could expect from networking.  Setting up a networking framework (and expectation setting) was so successful for me that I was able to build upon the networking and close the deal to get a job.
When we met in person, Alice had a really great way of holding space for me and my goals while also directing the conversation to measurable outcomes. I would bring a whole mess of things I was overwhelmed about and together we would pick everything apart and choose a direction and then figure out an action plan. She helped me keep realistic views on what I should be getting out of my networking sessions and how I could progress forward.”

Sara B.
Oakland, CA

“When I first began working with Alice, I knew that I was unhappy in my career, but had no idea what next steps were or even how to roadmap them. Alice to the rescue! It turns out I had precluded so many options, because I began my search with a host of assumed limitations (e.g., “I don’t have the relevant experience to make that move,” “I don’t think I’ve held that level of responsibility before,” “XYZ will prevent me from doing ABC”). Alice helped me overcome these assumptions by both problem-solving the concerns that were valid, and skillfully dismantling those without basis.

Alice has a natural talent for seeing the best in people (to an extent I haven’t witnessed before), and she does so without offering false praise. Her eye for ability and talent helped me realize that I was undervaluing my work experience and focusing on my lowest skillset. Alice worked through my resume point by point to highlight the greater value I was creating at each level. Not only did she help me polish my resume, she also made me more confident in my own skillset, allowing me to speak more capably of my abilities during interviews.

Alice’s natural talent for sourcing creative solutions, coupled with her ability to help others see their true value, have afforded me with greater clarity over my own career goals and a greater sense of purpose. I’ve never felt more empowered to create my own success!”

Dennen Hansen
San Francisco, CA