(pronounced: “zeus-ee-ah”)

Zusya was a wise sage who was afraid of final judgment at the end of life.
People asked: “Why would you be afraid? You have led an exemplary life.”
He replied: “I will not be asked why I was not more like Moses, David, or a prophet.
I will be asked why I was not more like Zusya.”



Zusya is the place to carve out your ideal career path, whether it’s switching fields or advancing in your current one. Zusya utilizes professional experience to assist you to reach for your highest potential.



While working in the energy industry for over 20 years, Alice Harron discovered she really enjoyed guiding people in developing their career strategy, including career or job changes. Alice learned from her real-world experience in both small companies and large bureaucracies that people barely tap into their true potential value to market to employers. Alice draws from her experience to guide clients to discover their talents to design their career path.

Alice has used these core concepts to lead teams to develop large PV and solar thermal projects, acquire two power projects, and negotiate power purchase agreements. Alice is CEO of Harron, LLC.  Alice was Managing Director of Development of K Road Power Holdings, LLC, President of Solar Trust of America -Development, and Principal at Pacific Gas and Electric Company.

Alice has a BA in Economics and an MBA from the University of Maryland.