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Zusya career coaching is here to help assist in unlocking how to elevate yourself to the next level,
whether moving within your current field or switching fields completely.

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Alice Harron started Zusya to help others on their own career journeys. With 20+ years of experience, she was inspired through already doing the work to get others to their next personal level. Some of her previous clients have said this of working with her:

"I've never felt more empowered to create my own success!"

"For me, working with Alice was one of the most notable turning points in my unemployment."

"Alice helped me out so much. I am making more money, continuing to expand my professional network, and pursuing my long-term goals."

"Seeking new. employment is a big challenge - I couldn't imagine doing it without Alice Harron!"

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Philosophical Approach

A Personal Touch
Guiding you in understanding your personal belief system, mindset, and self-language that block you.
Goals to Action
Establishing goals that motivate  you to take action.
Developing a strategy and approach that will highlight your talents to obtain your goals.

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